TV Audio Over WiFi

TV Audio Over WiFi

Embrace the latest wireless audio technology with AudioFetch. Stream the TV audio straight to your customers phones over your exiisting WiFi network and allow them to listen to the TV of thier choice with our free app.

Rechargeable Table Top Speakers

Rechargeable Table Top Speakers

Sports Select wireless rechargable speakers can be handed out to your customers upon request giving them the option to tune in the audio of their favorite game.

Traditional Speaker Systems

Traditional Speaker Systems

Here at Sports Bar Audio we offer a wide selection of commercial quality audio equipment to fill your entire bar/restaurant with high quality sound.

Why is Audio Important in Your Bar or Restaurant?

Stand Out

Make your bar stand out from the competition by giving your customers a more enjoyable game watching experience.

Increase Revenue

Customers that can listen to the game will say longer and spend more money!

Customer Loyalty

Once your customers get spoiled by being able to listen to their game they won’t want to go anywhere else.

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How It Works


AudioFetch Models

AudioFetch Express

Our AudioFetch Express is a small wireless version of the AudioFetch system.  Connect up to 8 Express units within your facility for all of the benifits of AudioFetch with the ease of wireless installation.

AudioFetch Lite

The AudioFetch Lite is a 4 input system capable of accommodating up to 250 listeners.  The perfect system for a facility with 2-4 TV’s.

AudioFetch Signature

Our Signature Series AudioFetch system can accommodate 4 to 512 TV’s to fit the needs of any size facility.  Buy the whole system now or start with a small system and expand over time.

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Rechargeable Speakers

The Sports Select rechargable speakers are an all in one wireless reciever and rechargable speaker.  Customers choose the TV that they want to listen to on the digital display and adjust the volume to their needs.

900MHz Transmitters

Connect one of our digital 900MHz transmitters to each TV or audio source to send out the audio signal.

Charging Trays

Make charging a breeze with our 6 speaker charging trays.  Just drop the speakers in when not in use and they will always be ready when a customer requests one.

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Traditional Speaker Systems

Sports Bar Audio offers a wide variety of commercial quality speakers and amplifiers to fill any building with high quality audio.

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